Caring for furniture finished with Osmo Polyx Oil

Timber furniture coated with an Osmo finish is automatically water and dirt resistant. However, the surfaces will need some degree of on-going maintenance, depending on the amount of usage. Avoid using regular household or harsh chemical detergents, as these are designed to dissolve grease and oil and, over time, will break down the Osmo-finished surface.

Damp cleaning

For frequent cleaning, we recommend using Osmo Spray Cleaner, which is a premixed solution in a ready to use 500ml trigger pack. The solution contains soaps derived from natural plant oils. The ingredients are water-soluble and prevent streaking and build up. Especially mild on skin, the solution is biodegradable, and free from dyes, solvents and emissions. The surface remains food safe. Use as often as required.


Should the furniture become faded or dull, after continual usage or incorrect maintenance, it may need some form of rejuvenation. In a commercial situation, this might be required weekly, monthly, or whenever it is considered necessary. In most cases, the use of Osmo’s Liquid Wax Cleaner Spray will be all that is needed. Use the spray sparingly. Apply an even, thin coat over the whole area, and then buff the timber.
If the timber has a stubborn stain, use a fine white Scotchbrite abrasive pad to remove. Alternatively, fine grade steel wool could be used. Once the stain has been removed, apply a thin coat of wax spray and buff the timber.
For areas that are scratched or badly worn, the timber will need sanding to remove the scratches, and another coat of Osmo Polyx Oil applied. We recommend this level of maintenance is carried out by a professional.


Powder-coated steel

Clean with a damp, nonabrasive cloth.


Clean with a nonabrasive cloth dampened in warm soapy water. For stubborn stains, use a cream-based cleaner with a soft sponge or cloth. Do not leave any foodstuffs or liquids on the marble for extended periods, as this may penetrate the stone and leave a stain.